PITA Youth - Education - Shooting ProgramPITA Youth - Education - Shooting Program

Philosophy and Introduction:

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Philosophy and Introduction

For several years the Pacific International Trapshooting Association (PITA) has been developing a Y-E-S program to encourage young people to become active in the shooting sports. Y-E-S is a program focusing on providing young persons with a positive experience in the shooting sports, specifically trapshooting.  The program is designed to instill personal values and character traits that include fair play, individual responsibility, and cooperation in working for a common goal, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and personal commitment that can serve them well throughout life.

Y-E-S Scholarship

2014 State Shoot at Livermore

$3,000 total in Scholarships Awarded by Certificates

$1,000 Y-E-S Scholarship Fund.

$1,000 will be awarded only on the 200 Championship Singles / Event 7 & 9
The top five Junior and Sub-Junior shooters will receive a $100.00 Scholarship Award Certificate.

$2,000 Phil Simpson Memorial Fund donated by Todd and Lisa Simpson $1,000 donated by Mark Zeller.

Based on High All Around Scores 200 Singles Championship event 7 & 9 / 100 Handicap Championship event 12 / 100 Doubles Championship event 11
Winners must be California Residents.

$1,000 to HAA Female Jr or Sub Jr. and $1,000 to HAA Male Jr or Sub Jr.
$1,000 @ $100 each to 2nd through 6th place HAA Female and Male Jr./Sub Jr.

This is not a team event. Awards are determined based on individual scores.
Also note that for scholarships you are still eligible to win if you were in high school when the target year started but have turned 18. You will have to come identify yourself as you will not show up on any reports as a JR.

Any questions please contact Melanie Foster at trapmom@comcast.net


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Y.E.S. is offering a new challenge to youth shooters, in addition to the scholarships you can win at California and Oregon State Shoots and the Grand Pacific you can now win more if you make the All Stars!

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Y-E-S Grand Pacific

Special Scholarship for California Resident Youth shooters. Click Here!

Y.E.S scholarship program
(Exciting changes happening this year please come play along)

Beginning at the 2012 Grand Pacific there will be both a team and individual aspect.

We will still be giving out $6,000.00 in scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded on individual scores from the 200 championship singles event.

Scholarships will be given as follows to Jr. and Sub-JR shooters

Top shot will get $600.00, 2nd $500.00, 3rd $400.00, 4th $300.00, 5th $200.00 and 6th through 15th place will received $100.00 each level

In order to win scholarship monies you must have 200 registered PITA targets prior to the champion ship singles at the Grand Pacific.

We will also be giving trophies to teams that have pre-registered their team. Trophies be awarded for targets shot during the first half of the championship singles. Teams must be registered with PITA by July 1

No minimum target requirement to win trophies in the team portion.
Team registration form available on PITAYES.com website or you may contact Melanie Foster at trapmom@comcast.net or Jenny Powell at jpowell@calwisp.net

In case of tie, no shoot off will result we will take both top scores and top rewards, combine and split equally.

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In past years State and Provincial Associations have been encouraged to include a youth shooting competition as part of their championship events. The Y-E-S program has been a centerpiece at the Grand Pacific for a number of years. Youth shooters have been recognized, a silent auction has been held as a fundraiser, and special events have been scheduled providing merchandise and awards. Individuals and teams have competed for scholarships and “bragging rights.” 




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